100 Worst Passwords of 2017

Splashdata, who makes password management software, releases a list of the top compromised passwords.

They did this by collecting five million compromised passwords and analyzing them.

The top password this year is, again, 123456 .

The number two password is, yes, password .

Number three is 12345678 .

You can read the article to get all the rest of them, but it doesn’t get better when you go down the list.   Number 11 is admin; number 14 is login.  Number 16 is starwars .

After all of the articles that talk about selecting good passwords, 123456 is still number one.

Hopefully those compromised passwords did not include access to your bank account, but I wouldn’t even bet on that.

PLEASE, choose good passwords, do not reuse passwords across web sites and use a password manager.

The part about not reusing passwords is the toughest because we have so many of them.  That is why using a password manager is important.  That way you only have to remember one password.

Information for this post came from PC Magazine.

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