655,000 Healthcare Records Up For Sale

A hacker called thedarkoverlord is offering 3 unique medical databases for sale at prices ranging from 151 bitcoins to 607 bitcoins. Deep Dot Web got to look at images of the database, shown below.




One database has 48,000 records from a healthcare company in Missouri.

The second database has 210,000 records from a healthcare care company in the midwest.

The last database contains 397,000 records from a healthcare company in Georgia.

The hacker claims that he exploited a remote access vulnerability to access the data and he also said that the data was not encrypted.

Here is the scary part – kind of a warning.  The hacker said that if an adversary comes to you and offers you an opportunity to cover this up and make it go away for a small fee, take the offer.   There is a lot more to come.

There is no telling – yet – where this data came from and is there more to come.

This is just another indicator that health care data is a hot topic because unlike credit cards, you cannot just get a new one.

It will be interesting to see how many more databases this hacker has for sale.

Information for this post came from Deep Dot Web.

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