Anonymous Attacks

Anonymous, the hacking collective, is very unpredictable.  Apparently they do not like child porn and the people who sell it.

Anonymous – Flickr-Creative Commons License-Valls Iscari0t

Over the weekend, the hosting service Freedom Hosting II – a very large TOR hosting provider – was taken out by Anonymous.  TOR is often used by child porn purveyors to hide their tracks.

Sites were defaced and data was stolen. In an amazing sense of humor, Anonymous is asking for ransom to restore the sites.

Some of the data is already available on other web sites.

10,000 sites gone.  Poof!

By some estimates, this represents 15%-20% of the dark web – that part of the web not indexed by Google and their friends.  Often, only visible via the TOR network.

Anonymous says they have zero tolerance to child porn.  While not everyone is an Anonymous fan, in this particular attack, they probably have a bunch of fans.

According to Anonymous, over half of the files on Freedom Hosting II are related to child porn.

Now 70+ gig of files – email, userids, passwords, private keys and databases is in the wild.  It is not clear if any of the data that has been posted is child porn.  Hopefully not.

Curiously, the guy who claims to have done the hack said it was his first hack job.

Given that there were plain text emails, userids and passwords as well child porn files, don’t be surprised if you hear about the police arresting child porn suspects in the coming weeks.

Information for this post came from Softpedia.

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