Banks Warn Users About Storing Family Member’s Fingerprints On Apple Pay iPhones

iPhones can store multiple fingerprint images – some phones can store up to 10 different fingerprints.

HOWEVER, if you use Apple Pay, you might want to think twice about storing more than one fingerprint on that phone.  Like the fingerprint of your spouse.

This is where old school businesses and new school tech need to meet somewhere in the middle.

Banks – at least in the UK – are warning customers that if they have their phones set up for Apple Pay AND they store more than their own fingerprint on the phone – they will be violating the bank’s terms and conditions.

The result may be that banks will refuse to refund disputed transactions or may not assist customers if they become victims of fraud.

Lloyd’s customer agreement says “you must ensure you only register your own fingerprints (and not anyone else’s)”

HSBC and First Direct have similar warnings in their terms and conditions.

The banks and Apple probably need to get together and figure out how to deal with this.  All the banks are concerned about is that other fingerprints don’t authorize transactions on your behalf.  Beyond that, it doesn’t seem that the banks should care how many fingerprints are on the phone.

While the article talks about British banks, I wonder if US banks have the same terms and conditions – that haven’t made the news yet.

Information for this post came from SC Magazine.

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