Cloud Computing Costs Skyrockets During Remote Work

A recent survey shows one downside of the remote work uptick.

Most organizations are having a hard time controlling cloud computing costs!

  • Fewer than 20% of survey respondents stated that they were able to immediately detect spikes in cloud costs
  • Greater than 25% stated that it can take months or weeks or several days to notice a spike in cloud costs
  • For 59% of those who spend in excess of $2M monthly on cloud usage, it can take days to detect an anomalous surge; and, on heavy cloud usage days, nearly 50% of respondents reported that cloud costs can surge by as much as 10-19%

Businesses were surprised by this. Historically, cloud computing costs were not a big expense. Even today, they are not well managed or controlled.

The cloud computing pricing model doesn’t help.

Some more findings are:

  • Roughly 77% of respondents with more than $2 million in cloud costs said they were surprised by how much they spent
  • About 60% of respondents admitted that it took them at least a few days to detect anomalous surges, which can easily equate to $100,000s in unnecessary revenue loss
  • This delay increased cloud costs by a staggering 10%
  • Nearly 30% of respondents saw a 25-50% jump in cloud costs, month-to-month, during a six-month period
  • Almost 20% realized a 50-100% increase

Cloud computing costs are notoriously hard to manage and the cloud companies like that. They do give you tools to figure out costs, but they are hard to use. And, you need to monitor the cost in real time (automate things).

All of the major companies are bad; none is better than the other.

If you have a significant (to you, whatever that means – $1,000 or $100,000) monthly cloud bill then you need to manage those costs. They are only going to go up. Credit: Help Net Security

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