Covid. Vaccines. Privacy.

We definitely live in interesting times.

The virus is surging and at the same time morphing.

Two different vaccines have been approved for emergency use. More are on the way.

The country is discovering that actually getting vaccines in people’s arms is harder than talking about it.

AND, there is talk of you having to install an app on your phone to prove that you have been vaccinated in order to get on a plane, enter some venues or visit some countries. Which vaccine. How many does. What dates.

The makers of these apps promise that your data is secure.

Maybe it is safe. To be honest, I don’t know.

Unlocking your phone and giving it to some stranger in a foreign country to prove you have been vaccinated doesn’t seem like a great strategy to me.

The process works by generating a QR code and displaying it. Maybe that can be done with the phone still locked.

And of course, everyone has their own smartphone. Everywhere in the world. Including your grandma.

Of course, there are going to be multiple apps. I am sure they will all be compatible. And certainly no one is going to say that they only accept app ‘X’ and not the one that you already have installed.

Finally, I am sure that there won’t be a black market for fake credentials and all of the apps will be hacker proof.

I wonder if there is going to be a service that you can pay for to fake whatever QR code you want.

Granted this qualifies as a “first world problem”, but we will watch what happens and report back over the next several months. Credit: CNN

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