FBI Says Most Businesses They Investigate Have Little To No Security

Pymts.com is reporting that the FBI says that most breaches are entirely avoidable.

At the Online Trust Alliance’s Data Privacy And Protection Town Hall in New York City, FBI Special Agent George Schultzel said that over 90 percent of the companies who reported breaches to them had little to no security whatever.

The FBI said that most of the breaches are totally avoidable and that the hackers were attacking out of convenience.

This is great news for lawyers – at least for those lawyers suing businesses that have a breach.

If the FBI says that in 90 percent plus of the cases that businesses had no security and that the breaches were totally avoidable, then the businesses will need to show that they are in the less than 10 percent that had defenses and were not totally avoidable.  If I was an attorney, that is not a box I would want to be placed in.

The FBI suggested that businesses need to start creating and implementing security plans to prevent easy hacking in the future.

I would also assume that insurance companies might start taking the stance when you make a claim that your company was in the 90 percent, not the 10 percent.  Can you defend your counterclaim that you are part of the 10 percent?