Finally, Intelligent Explanation of Why Using Huawei 5G is Dangerous

President Trump has been trying to get other countries to follow his thoughts on punishing China by banning Huawei from participating in their 5G networks with almost no one following his wishes.

The UK, however, is using a different approach.

Tobias Ellwood, a member of the UK Parliament and the Chairman of the Defence Committee says this:

First, Russia and China are likely to work in partnership over the next decade with China telling Russia where the holes are and Russia exploiting them. This is not a complete surprise, but interesting.

The more important issue is this.

Ellwood says that Huawei has, and I quote, pisspoor software development practices.

He went on to wonder why Huawei is so shoddy in their cybercecurity engineering. He suggested out loud that maybe they just don’t care about it and it is not important to them. Further, he went on to ponder that maybe it is related to the fact that their price point is so low.

If you believe Ellwood and it seems almost logical, using Huawei equipment in our 5G network is bad not because Huawei is in bed with the Chinese government – they probably are, but then again, AT&T was in bed with the US spy agencies until that was exposed by Edward Snowden, so that is not exactly news. Companies are usually required to cooperate with the governments in the countries that they are located in and do business in.

Rather, using Huawei is a bad idea because they write crappy software – much like we did TWENTY YEARS AGO. We have learned because our market demanded it. Ellwood says that they just don’t care. They will care, however, if people stop buying their stuff.

With Huawei, many governments are buying their equipment because it is cheap, not because it is good.

When it comes to 5G, that might not be a really bright idea.

After all, if their software is as secure as a screen door on a submarine, then attacks from China are just one country we need to worry about.

Every country’s intelligence agency (and hackers too) will try to attack every other country’s networks. The smart countries will work to secure their networks. We know that our so-called friends like Korea, France and Israel, among others, all spy on us.

THIS is a much better reason not to use Huawei equipment.

What may be the case – just speculation – is the the NSA has been listening in on Huawei networks around the world but can’t really say that, so they have to sort of make up a reason not to use it.

Whatever the rest of the story is, it seems that not using Huawei is in each country’s own best interest.

Contemplate that. Credit: The Register

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