Google Creates New Security Center for G-Suite Enterprise Customers

Google is trying to keep up with the Jones (AKA Micosoft) and is building some security tools for its enterprise customers.  Microsoft is way ahead in this area and if Google wants to compete in the enterprise space it needs to offer enterprise class tools.

First of all, this only is available to G-Suite Enterprise customers.  Most Google users use the free version.  Above that is Basic at $5 per user per month, then Business at $10 and finally Enterprise at $25.  So this capability is only available to a small percentage of Google customers.

Still, those customers are the ones with the best revenue per customer and Google is losing some of them back to Microsoft.

For enterprise customers, this is a great addition.

For some customers, this may be motivation to upgrade to the next level of pricing plan.

The first piece of the security center is a dashboard that gives admins a view of their overall security posture.  It gives those admins a view across products like GMail, Google Drive and others.

The second feature gives the admin an overview of the company’s cyber security settings and make recommendations for improving security.

Google’s plan is to continue to enhance the dashboard so that it will have more features and functionality.

This is a smart move on Google’s part.  Hopefully, they will give Business class users access to this.  It may be that they are testing it on enterprise customers to tune it or maybe they will create a stripped down version for Business customers.  Clearly, this is a useful tool.

If you are a Google Enterprise customer, you should check this out.


Information for this post came from Techcrunch.

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