Google Search Rules Changed Last Week

For those of you depend on Google search engine position for your business, the world changed last week.

As of April 21st, 2015, Google is using mobile friendliness as a criteria in search engine rankings.  This affects mobile search (not your desktop) in all languages, world wide.

Google has been saying that mobile friendliness is important for several years.  Now they are sort of “emphasizing” that point.

If your web site is not mobile friendly according to their criteria, your ranking will drop like a rock (see Google changes ranking criteria).

Google has even created a mobile friendliness ranker to see if your web site passes muster.  I just checked my site and it passes.  WHEH!

The good news is that this is all fixable and when you fix it, if you  need to, your position will return to a normal place.

Check things out.  See where you are.  Fix things if you have to.  Otherwise, consider that you are likely to “disappear” from Google.

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