Home Depot Credit Card Breach – Good News (sort of)

Home Depot released a press release today providing some more details on the recent and until now ongoing credit card breach.

The good news is that the breach primarily affected self checkout stations between April and September of this year.  Home Depot likely has a pretty good security department which means that this malware must have been pretty sophisticated.  Home Depot also says that the means of entry for the malware has been closed and a security update has been installed to encrypt the data earlier in the process.

The rest of the good news is that because the breach primarily affected self checkout stations, far fewer cards were affected.  Home Depot says that only around 56,000,000 cards were affected.

If you used your credit card between April and September at Home Depot, free identity protection is available at this link.  The link includes details, a way to sign up and a tool free number to call in case you need assistance with fraud.