It’s 10 P.M. – Do You Know Where Your Permissions Are?

To paraphrase an old public service announcement (It’s 10 P.M. – Do you know where your kids are?), you grant way too many online permissions and likely do not keep track of them and revoke them.

To use today’s answer – We have an app for that.  Seriously. is a combination of a web site and a couple of apps that allow you to lasso in those permissions.

With the web site, it guides you to the permissions pages of all of the common apps – facebook, twitter, google, yahoo, linkedin, etc. It does not collect all your passwords – you have to log in yourself – but you can then quickly see what permissions you have given to whom – maybe years ago – and revoke them if you choose.

The app generates alerts when an app accesses your data in real time and allows you to execute that app – virtually – so it cannot do that any more.  It also generates reminders for you to clean up your permissions mess.

The app runs on Android and iOS;  the web site runs, of course, in any browser.

Note – I don’t have any relationship with these guys and I am not vouching for them, but they seem to have gotten a lot of press coverage – from Wired to Mashable – all linked to on their home page.

No rocket science here, but making life easier is not a bad thing.  Visit to check it out.