News Bites 2

TrueCrypt users panicked last year when the developers of the very popular semi-open source encryption program stopped supporting the product and issued a warning to users not to trust it.

An independent group solicited donations and paid for an independent audit of the source code to TrueCrypt version 7.1a.

Well, the audit is in and the results are pretty good.  The auditors found some issues, but no NSA back doors and nothing catastrophic.

A Russian security researcher found a bug in YouTube which would have allowed him to delete any (or all) You Tube videos with a single command.  The researcher said he fought the urge to delete the Bieber Channel in YouTube, but instead reported the bug to Google.  Google fixed the bug within a couple of hours (something that Microsoft or Apple really can’t begin to do with their desktop based software products) and paid the researcher a $5,000 bug bounty.

Facebook faced a similar problem about a month ago with a bug that would allow a hacker to delete any Facebook photo from any account (see article).

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