Russia Has a Cure to Their Cyber Talent Shortage

You may have heard that Russians with cyber expertise have been leaving the country by the tens of thousands. That represents a big problem for the Kremlin. Russian companies, no different than U.S. companies, need cyber talent to operate their businesses.

In addition, especially now, they need cybersecurity talent to protect their businesses – and their government departments – from the onslaught of cyberattacks.

Granted the Russian economy is in a bit of a slump, but even so, the companies that are operating need help.

This last month Russia was the top country for publishing stolen credentials for the first time ever.

So what is Putin’s solution?

He wants to force tech-savvy people who he has thrown in jail to work for next to nothing from inside the prisons for him.

I am sure they will be thrilled to do that.

The average salary for Russian prisoners is $281 a month or about $3,000 a year.

So, you take a crook who was making, let’s be conservative, $500,000 a year from ransomware and other theft. He gets caught and thrown into a nice, comfy Russian “correctional center” and you want him to protect Putin’s friends for $3,000 a year?






I am sure that these nice people wouldn’t think of putting back doors in for them to come back later.

Or to sell those back doors to their friends. After all, it is hard to live on $281/month.

Or just not try very hard.

Clearly, Putin is desperate.

But I am okay with that. It will probably work to our advantage.

Credit: Brian Krebs

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