Russia is Running Out of Disk Space

Here is an interesting effect of the sanctions against Russia.

According to the Russian news outlet Kommersant, which claims to have sources confirming this proposal, the parties estimated they have roughly two months left before running out of available storage space.

Russian firms were forced, as a result of sanctions, to turn to domestic cloud providers as western cloud providers have left the country.

However, there are not enough data centers in Russia to accommodate the needs.

Part of the problem is Russia’s rollout of smart cities. Smart cities in Russia are different than here. There it means more surveillance and facial recognition.

One solution would be to tell ISPs that they can no longer offer streaming services, thereby cutting off their revenue stream and freeing up disk space. Likely those ISPs would go out of business without a product to sell, but Putin probably doesn’t care about that.

Another solution would be to confiscate the servers and storage left behind by western companies. The complexity of integrating that would likely be high and it is not clear how much of that there is.

As Russia evaluates these and other options, if it decides one option will work to help the Russian government, they likely will fast-track it. Russian consumers will likely be left in the dust.

China might decide to help them because of sanctions against them by the west, but that might turn them into a combatant and make their infrastructure fair game to destroy (an Anonymous might enjoy that way too much), so they are probably thinking very carefully about doing that. Credit Bleeping Computer

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