Russia-Ukraine War – Kinetic and Cyber

As this war continues to grind on and the toll on people’s lives and civilian infrastructure is incalculable, the cyber war continues as well.

Here are just a couple of recent Russian cyber-losses.

Petrovsky Fort owns the largest office complexes in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. Anonymous hacked over 300,000 of their emails and a total of about 244 gigabytes of data.

The second company hacked was Aerogas. There, hackers leaked 145 gigabytes of data including 100,000 emails. Aerogas is an engineering firm that supports Russia’s oil and gas industry. Do you think that shutting them down might be of interest to some folks? Among their clients are Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer and Novatek, their largest natural gas producer.

To make this a little more embarrassing, both companies are owned by the government.

The last announced hack this week is Forest, who is in the logging industry. Hackers released about 40 gigabytes of data including more than 350,000 emails.

What is interesting here is that they are not trying to extort these companies.

They are giving away the data for free to anyone.

Please take the data and do some damage to Russia, they say.

And, Anonymous says they are not done. Hacking into companies is in their wheelhouse and, I suspect, at least in some cases, they have inside help.

So far the list of publicly announced and dumped for free company hacks from Russia is 11. That doesn’t mean that is all their is – just that this is all that Anonymous has announced so far.

I am pretty confident that there will be more. What we don’t know is how damaging some of these will be. So far, they have not turned off the power or blown up a pipeline – like the Russians have done to Ukraine in the past. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t.

Credit: Hackread

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