Russian Hacker Admits to Hacking DNC Last Year

A Russian hacker has confessed in court to hacking the DNC during last year’s election.  The Russian web site that is reporting this has not been friendly to Putin, so there are lots of dimensions to this conversation.

The web site says that Konstantin Kozlovsky stated that he was doing this on the direction of Russian state intelligence organizations.

Kozlovsky was arrested earlier this year for hacking Russian banks to the tune of $50 million.  He is currently being detained and the admission came from a pre-trial hearing regarding his detention.

He said that he reported to a major-general in the FSB, one of Russia’s spy organizations.  The intention was to manipulate the U.S. election process according to Kozlovsky.

He is now in prison for treason for reporting this information to U.S. intelligence agencies.  Is this part of the source for the U.S. intelligence community’s determination that Russia hacked our election last year?  Don’t know.

Suffice it to say that this will make some interesting fodder for all of the Russia investigations going on in Washington.

It is not clear to me what Koslovsky has to gain by either admitting he did that or by confessing to something he didn’t do.

*IF* Putin had admitted that he orchestrated the attack and was looking for a fall guy, then maybe lying about it, under coercion, might make sense, but in this case, it makes Putin a liar and our President, well, duped by Putin.  Based on that, none of this makes any sense.

Neither Putin nor Trump have said anything about this testimony, so at this point all there is to is stand to the side and watch the fight.

Information for this post came from Fortune.

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