Snapchat Breach – MAYBE!

Forbes and other media outlets are reporting that we may be seeing the next version of the celebrity nude picture breach (called the fappening) that leaked nude pictures of famous celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and many others.

This breach, nicknamed THE SNAPPENING, apparently came from a third party SnapChat helper app and website which allows users to save supposedly destroyed SnapChat pictures.

THIS BREACH HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED YET, SO STAY TUNED TO SEE IF IT REALLY HAPPENS.  Sources say it is supposed to come down on October 12th.

The challenge here is that YOU could do everything right and if the person you are SnapChatting with is using one of the helper apps and that app gets compromised then you are toast.  AND, you won’t know about it until copies of your pictures that were never intended to last more than 10 seconds are posted on the web.

If you don’t want it to become public, don’t do it.  Sorry.  There is no easy answer.

Mitch Tanenbaum