What is the Back Story on China’s Hack of Microsoft Exchange Servers?

One possible answer is that they wanted to steal your email, impersonate you and use your email accounts to send spam and malware. This is certainly possible, but there is another, more sinister possibility.

What if – China was looking for mountains of data to train its AI systems?

The attacks gave them tens of billions of messages, calendar information and other files.

That translates to trillions of bits of information.

This is what some government officials and security experts are saying.

And, of course, this is addition to all the data that they have already stolen.

This includes, for example, entire security clearance files from the OPM breach, medical records from the Anthem breach, travel information from the Marriott breach and financial information from the Equifax breach.

William Evanina, former director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center says that the Chinese have more data on the average citizen than we do.

Sounds a bit scary to me. Credit: The Register

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