What Will 2021 Bring for Security Teams?

Let’s start with the bottom line: dynamic and unpredictable.

Sorry for the bad news.

And hackers will continue to take advantage of that.

Permanent Remote Work

For some companies, some roles will never return to work at the office. The process is working and the competitive advantage in attracting talent is significant. That makes things harder for security and audit teams and for those of you in regulated industries, the regulators are going to want to know how you are securing those remote work locations.

Dynamic Risk Environment

That includes new and unexpected cyber risks and general business risk. How quickly will your security team be able to handle new business models needed to survive in 2021?

Audit Teams will Become a Core Part of Business Response to Risk

If you thought audit was a pain in the (somewhere) in the past, they are going to need to be more integrated into the business model. That also means that some companies will be increasing the size of their audit teams.

Hackers Will Continue to Innovate

Hackers tend to be much more agile than businesses have been traditionally. During Covid, the hackers have taken advantage of that to run their game. Ransomware is through the roof. When People weren’t paying the ransom, the hackers started stealing their data. When companies called the hacker’s bluff as to whether they were going to publish the data, hackers started threatening individual customers and outing the companies that they hacked on Facebook. You are going to need to be very agile in 2021 to stay ahead of the hackers.

Credit: Help Net Security

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